Art by Elissa Ewald
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Buddies Collection

Every one needs some one!
By land, sea, or sky, all living creatures need companionship.
Buddies represents that fact,
no matter how large or how small.
Elissa uses happy colors to emphasize the feeling of
joy that comes from having a friend by your side.

12x12 Limited Edition Prints

Little Friend
                                        Little Friend 

14x22 Limited Edition Print
Along For The Ride
12x24 Limited Edition Print

                          16x24 Limited Edition Print

Gorilla Cuddles

                                            Napping Buddies

                        Flamingo Action     

 Little Ass N' Chick

Aussie Buddies
     14x20 limited Edlition Print
  Lounge Buddies
18x12 Limited Edition Print
Ready to Race
                                            Tag Along Buddies
 Little Pig Little Pig
 Grass Land Buddies   
Wrestling Buddies
Barn Yard Buddies

Tiny Friends
   Pathways Collection

The paths we take in life are all different,
some long, some short, some narrow, some wide.
Some are lite brightly and some are dark, 
but always is our path made for us. 
Only we can choose what way we travel
at the end of our path. 
Elissa uses the element of light to shine  
on the pathways through her life.
As she takes you to the roads, bridges,
river beds she's been down.

Road to Grandma's-In Fall

https://Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate
                       Over the Bad River in Copper Falls

Tyler's Fork

 Tyler's Fork
Copper Falls State park


 "The Road to Grandma's" 

Over the River- Copper Falls 

 "Doty Park Neenah, WI" 12x16 
Original Acrylic stretched canvas Original
Black River Harbor Bridge 

Between the Spires Sylvan Lake South Dakota


           Forgotten Collection

These vessels that once carried  the
thing that we held so dear.
Elissa is able to stir up such emotions for these 
abandoned vehicles.  No one wants to be forgotten,
 but the fact is that some day it comes time for us all
to be forgotten.  So she hopes to find some memory in 
the abandoned. 

Little Bug
18x24 Acrylic on Canvas


 Acrylic on Canvas 

Forgotten 36 Ford
Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Collection

Beautiful shadows highlight the crisp petals that 
adorn these floral clusters.
Elissa loves gardening and with that she grows all the 
specimens she chooses as her subjects. 
The subdued colors that she has chosen easily
accent any wall, or print fabrics.

Hibiscus #1

                                         Hibiscus #2

Hibiscus #3