Tell me how you feel about your art

     I have the painting Devil's Gate,  it feels very true to scale, as though my footsteps will be taking me to
      a quiet place among the   woods, just beyond the bridge -Amy Radliff


     While I truly love all of the Ewaldart I own, my favorite is 'Majestic'.
     It is a winter painting of a small herd of buffalo, with adults, babies, and one big bull.  It is the focal point of my living room, I catch myself sitting            and staring at it regularly.  It feels like the bull (the focal point in the painting) is looking right at me, right into me.
     I've received many compliments on it, one of the best compliments being that it looks so realistic (which I completely agree!)
     I plan to add to my Ewaldart collection in the future, and 100% recommend Ewaldart for quality art for home or business. -Rebecca Ewald